Precautions for installation of tapping screws

Nov 04,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The key to the tapping quality is to select the appropriate tap and reasonable cutting parameters; During the use of self tapping screws, if the tap breaks, the workpiece can be corroded in nitric acid solution, which can quickly corrode the high-speed wire tap without scrapping the workpiece; The correct selection of the tap will have a completely different impact on the tapping effect. It can tap very many holes, one hole or no movement at all.
1. When the self tapping screw can be used to fix the wallboard, the self tapping screw can be screwed into the wallboard and drilled by itself.
2. Self tapping screws shall be constructed by special electric tools, and drilling, tapping, fixing and locking self tapping screws shall be completed at one time. Self tapping screws are mainly used for the connection and fixation of some thin plates, such as the connection between color steel plates and color steel plates, the connection between color steel plates and purlins, wall beams, etc.
3. Self tapping screws are mostly used for the installation of doors and windows.
4. Self tapping screws of wallboard are used to connect gypsum wallboard and metal keel. The thread is a double head thread, and the surface of the thread is also of high hardness, which can be quickly screwed into the keel without making prefabricated holes, and then form a connection.