How to solve the common problems of self tapping screw in daily life?

Mar 23,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Fault phenomenon: the self tapping screw is broken

Cause analysis:
1. The screw material or structure has defects, such as: the internal stress of the material is too large, the cross groove is too deep, etc.
2. The use gear of air batch is too large.
3. The hole position of the fastening parts is too small, and the screw in torque is too large.
4. Serious dislocation of assembly hole and excessive screw in torque.
5. Improper tightening sequence of screws results in large accumulated error of hole position during assembly and excessive shear stress on screws.
6. The screw specification is incorrect.
1. Replace screws of the same type from different manufacturers or batches.
2. Reasonably adjust the wind batch gear.
3. Replace or correct the fastened parts.
4. Reassemble to make the hole position meet the standard.
5. Adjust the tightening sequence of screws and fix them diagonally as far as possible.
6. Use screws of correct specification and model.
Fault phenomenon: self tapping screw slipping

Cause analysis:
1. The surface hardness of screw is too low. The screw thread is too shallow or the root thread is too shallow.
2. The use gear of air batch is too large.
3. The hole position of the fastened parts is too large.
4. Continue to tighten the air batch after it is in place.